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Engagement Season: Top 5 Tips

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Engagement season, when nearly 40% of couples get engaged to one another and start their journey toward marriage, generally occurs between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day in the United States. December is by far the most popular month to get engaged, with an estimated 19% of couples making the commitment to one another to tie the knot. This blog post covers the top five things that you need to know for engagement season and a successful engagement photography session.

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Plan Your Engagement Around Your Future Wedding

Pick a date for your engagement session with your anticipated wedding date in mind because you will need enough time to plan the wedding itself. According to one expert in the wedding industry, soon-to-be-married couples should allow for one year to plan their special day. However, more or less planning time may be needed depending on the complexity of the wedding, guest count, and budget. Generally speaking, it is recommended to book a Baltimore-Area wedding photographer as soon as you have confirmed your date with your desired venue.

Make Your Engagement Session Memorable

Your engagement session should be memorable and tell a visual story because all of your family, friends, and co-workers will see your engagement photos. You may also want to use your engagement photos for stationary items such as save-the-date cards and invitations.

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Treat the Engagement Session Like a Date

You should treat the engagement session like a date between the two of you because doing so will bring out the joy shared by you and your fiancé about your upcoming wedding. The day of your engagement session should be free of stress and other obligations so that you can focus on one another. The engagement session may also viewed as an opportunity to take a day off from wedding planning and reflect on the love that you both share.

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It’s Not All About the Ring

Despite what may be popular belief, an engagement session is not all about the ring – it’s about two people who are in love and going to get married. While some photos will prominently feature the engagement ring, the majority of photos will feature the shared connection between the two of you.

Baltimore-Area wedding and engagement photographer Mandi Shepard in Maryland

Book a Baltimore-Area Engagement Photographer Early

Once you have confirmed your wedding date with your desired venue, it’s really never too soon to book a Baltimore-Area engagement photographer to capture the true love and romance between you and your fiancé. Booking a photographer early will ensure that you have your photos in time for stationary items such as save-the-date cards. Lastly, booking a photographer early means one less thing that you will need to worry about down the road.