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5 Things to Know This Engagement Season

engagement ring

Holidays & Proposals Go Hand in Hand

Proposal, or Engagement season is typically defined in America as Thanksgiving through Valentines day with almost 40% of new engagements happening in this period in recent years

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Plan to Plan

The average length of an engagement is 14 months which leaves a lot of planning in a little bit of time but the first step both the most difficult and the simplest: just relax and enjoy being engaged because it doesn’t last long! Once you are ready to get started, pick wedding your date, set your budget and get going with WeddingWire’s Planning Checklist! 

Engagement Ring

You Will Tell Your Engagement Story A Lot!

 Between Friends, Family, and coworkers everyone is going to want to know all the nitty-gritty details of your proposal! And once you get into planning your vendors will want to get to know you and your history too! Embrace it! It’s yours and always will be part of your story. 

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2021 – The Year of Flexibility 

Amidst continuing concerns of COVID-19 spread, be prepared to be flexible in your planning. Vendors may have limited availability, slower response times, and uncertainty in how they may be able to accommodate party sizes in the coming months. Consider having flexible guest counts, or wedding dates, or a longer engagement when planning this coming year. 

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Engagement Photo Sessions are Actually Fun AND Practical! 

This one might seem frivolous and totally unnecessary, but stay with me here! Engagement sessions are usually included in your wedding photography packages, they are a great chance to get out and have a date night (we know you’ve been missing those in the 2020 blues!), and they give you lots of amazing photos to use on your Save the Dates and Invitations to make them more personal!